What Is a Partner Visa?

A partner visa is a document that allows you to work, go to school and live in Australia as long as you are married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian permanent resident. Here are a few important things worth noting:

How Do You Qualify for a Partner Visa?

  1. You must be able to prove that you are married to an Australian permanent resident. Marriage certificates can be used as proof.
  2. If you are not married, you should be able to prove that you have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months. This is a relationship that shares the same features as a marriage. For example, living together, having children and behaving like you are wife and husband. If you have registered your de facto relationship with an Australian Territory or State, you don't have to wait for 12 months.
  3. Same-sex marriages and de facto relationships are also allowed.

It might be important to note that there are some requirements when registering your de facto relationship. You must be 18+ years old and should not be involved in any other relationship or married.

Hire an Immigration Lawyer Who Specialises in Partner Visas

If it is your first time, you don't want to make the mistake of applying for a partner visa without help. If you are lucky, the process might run smoothly. However, if you are not, you might have the worst experience ever. Some people have faced serious delays that have affected their business dealings and lives. Others have lost their hard-earned money and time through visa denials and refusals. Just hire an immigration lawyer to avoid problems; it's worth your time and money.

Your immigration lawyer will guide you from the go, and you are more than likely to have a good experience.

You Need a Temporary Partner Visa First

Before applying for a permanent partner visa, you are required to have held a temporary partner visa for at least two years. Don't worry; your immigration lawyer will brief you on this and how it impacts you.

What Can You Expect When You Meet With an Immigration Lawyer?

Expect a series of questions about your marriage or de facto relationship. Some may seem intrusive, but try to answer the immigration lawyer in as many details as possible so that they can guarantee you get your partner visa without problems.

You may also be informed about various documents that might be required. The immigration lawyer also highlights factors that might make you ineligible for a partner visa and those that might lead to visa cancellation.