3 Advantages Of Working With A Reputable Immigration Attorney When Applying For Your Partner Visa

Immigration laws can be very complex, especially for partners who have never gone through the application process before. Even Australian citizens can find it challenging to deal with all the administrative procedures involved. During partner visa application, you must follow the appropriate steps related to the submission of documents and any other forms needed by the immigration department. Any mistake involved can jeopardise your visa application. Since immigration laws constantly change, work with an experienced immigration attorney for guidance and legal counsel.

What Is a Partner Visa?

A partner visa is a document that allows you to work, go to school and live in Australia as long as you are married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian permanent resident. Here are a few important things worth noting: How Do You Qualify for a Partner Visa? You must be able to prove that you are married to an Australian permanent resident. Marriage certificates can be used as proof.

Three Essential Guidelines for Applying for a Protection Visa

A protection visa can protect your core rights if you have reasons to fear persecution. If you are in the country and would like to seek protection, you might be eligible for this visa. In general, you can apply for the document if you are in Australia through legal means. When you obtain the visa, you will not need to return to the dangerous situation in your home country. If you believe that you will be under significant risk due to factors like religion, political opinions and race, you should lodge an application for refugee protection.